Building Your Perfect Drum Kit

If you have been constantly refining your abilities and practicing like nobody’s business, you may be tired of your old standard drum kit and might be looking for something a little more advanced or dense. As a drummer, your kit defines your sound, so picking the right kit for your ideal tone is integral to playing to the best of your ability. Your “perfect drum set” is totally dependent on what kind of sound you want to have as you play. If you have been having a hard time brainstorming different kit variations, here are some examples that may get you started on the right track.

Snares –

Sonor jungle snare

Snares are basically an essential piece to any drummer’s kit, however there are a litany of different brands and actual types of snares. There are things such as the Sonor jungle snare that have jingles on the side so that you get that bell sound as you strike the snare. You should also be paying attention to the depth of the snare. For example, if you are a jazz drummer, your snares need to have less depth so that you can maintain that light tone and sound as you play.

Bass Drum –

The bass drum is the backbone of the entire kit and depending on how experienced you are with the drums, you may even want two bass drums. Typically, two bass drums are used for harder, faster music and played on with either two or four foot pedals. Again, this all depends on what you want your kit to do and how you want to perform. Although, two bass drums do offer you a more grand sense of tone as you play.

These are just a few examples of what to look for in a drum kit when you play on building your perfect set.